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BOOKMEETINGROOM.COM , the Web 2.0 meeting room management Internet application was designed from the view that 'Less-is-more". With an emphasis on producing reliable quality software to meet a real-world need, BOOKMEETINGROOM.COM provides a simple diary-like interface (with all the useful and intuitive Web 2.0 functionality of Google Calendar) but focussed on the problem of managing meeting room bookings or other shared resources within a office environment.

Features, Features, Features....

Purposely, features not deemed core to the immediate requirements were set aside for future development, and this led to a faster turnaround of with faster executing code that is easier to maintain and run for customers. New features are only introduced when enough customers made repeated requests for these features. For example:-

our latest feature addition; " Supplies Ordering" was developed from feedback and improvment suggestions made by a large number of users and was developed to meet the core requirements of the majority, rather than the actual individual need of any individual. In this way, overly complex proccesses were avoided and useful flexibility built-in such that each user can benefit from the new feature with a minimal adjustment of their internal processes. The Supplies order feature allows for the ordering of food, material, equipment for that meeting as part of the booking process. Not convinced? Set-up a free 30-day trial (no credit card required) and see how easy it is to use.