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alternatively, email customercare and we will respond within a few hours (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 GMT). Email received after 18:00 GMT will be responded to the next business day.

System Announcements & New Features 

We hate SPAM so we don't send out emails to our customers shouting about all our new tweaks and developments on a regular basis. (Only on exceptional releases  or Key system announcements where the item impacts on how something works).

We will post all new features on our "NEW" page so we encourage you to drop back from time to time to check them out.


In Development 

ID20: User CSV file import

We are currently working on a feature to allow admins import large lists of users by importing a CSV file. Should be tested and implemented soon. Thanks to many user requests and great feedback!

ID22: Room Cost/Time Table

A few requests have emerged from users requesting the facility to set room costs by the hour so that off-peak timeslots can be allocated different costs. We are planning to implement this very simply to allow these to be set-up for each room individually. 

ID21: Recurring Bookings

A bone of contention for a few users.. we are looking to recodong this functionality to allow greate customisation of recurring bookings. We intend to follow the model employed by MS outlook. while not perfect it is well understood and should meet the majority of users needs.

ID20: User CSV file import

We are currently working on a feature to allow admins import large lists of users by importing a CSV file. Should be tested and implemented soon. Thanks to many user requests and great feedback!




New Features Added


NF19: Print Room Schedule [P]

A much requested little feature was implemented yesterday to allow administrators to print off a full room schedule (with booking notes etc included). 

When logged in (as owner or Admin) a new [P] icon now appears in the header area of a room. Clicking on this will create a printer friendly page with some output selections.

NF18: Week View (All Rooms)

Another popular request introduced today!. Week View now shows all rooms on a single screen as the default view.

NF17: Normal Booker Time restriction:

Normal bookers (Users) must make a booking at least one hour ahead of their requirement. Owner/Admin Users have no restriction.

NF16: Viewer (a new user type):

A new User Type has been added by popular demand. The new user type is designated "Viewer". This user type is allowed to see notes on booking but is not allowed to make any bookings. This user type is intended for use by room maintenance staff or caterers.

NF15: Discount for Booker:

Account owners can now add a discount value to individual bookers such that different rates can be set-up for each of your bookers as required.  Set-up discount by selecting the PEOPLE tab and setting the value for each booker as required.

NF14: Localisation: Customise outgoing booking notification to your local language or message

Account owners can now change the outgoing email (booking confirmation) messages as needed. Change the defaault to suit your personal needs or language for your users. Simply log-in as Owner , Select the MY INFO tab. Then select the LABELS sub-tab. At the bottom of the page there is an editing area for the outgoing messages to booking users.

NF13: Booking Colour: Set-up colour codes for booking types.

Account owners can now set-up colour codes for use by bookers when making bookings.  Firstly, login as Owner. Select MY INFO then SYSTEM SETTINGS. Scroll down the page to "Booking Colour Code".  Add label and colours as required. Tick "colour whole booking widget" if the entire booking marker is to be made that color. Leave unticked and only the header gets coloured.  When colours/labels are added, and additional dropdown will appear in the booking form, where a booker can elect to colour the booking.

NF12: Localisation: Customise Labels to your local language

Account owners using the service in non-english speaking countries can now change the majority of the main screen labels from the English default descriptions to custom local language descriptions. Simply log-in as Owner , Select the MY INFO tab. A new sub-tab called "Labels" is now available with the available fields accessible.

NF11: Outgoing Email (Booking Confirmation)

Heretofore, booking confirmation email was sent using the bookers registered email address. As some Anti-Spam systems look at the source ip address of incoming email, some of our outgoing email ended up being percieved as SPAM by agressive anti-spam filters. For this reason all outgoing email for booking notifications are now sent out from "user-sub-domain@bookmeetingroom" using the registered email as REPLY-TO: address.

NF10: Supplies Report Updated

A new supplies report has been created in the reports section based on user feedback. Hope you find it more useful.

NF09: Supplies/Catering additional indicators

If supplies are ordered for a meeting, a [c] indicator appears in the header of that meeting to help view meeting with a supplies requirement at a glance. Clicking on the [c] symbol provides direct access to the supplies order.

NF08: Auto-Refresh of Day View/Week view pages

We have now added auto-refresh to the Day/Week View main pages to help keep the screen information up-to-date for users who keep a dedicated browser open on their computer.

NF07: Customisable Help Tab

Owners/Administrators can now create their own HELP page for users of their booking system.  Login as Owner/Administrator, select tabs: MY INFO > HELP PAGE. You can then enter your own Help information. (overwrites default information).

NF06:  Administrators can now make bookings on behalf of other Bookers

When logged in as an Administrator, a new dropdown menu appears on the booking form to allow administrators to book on behalf of other registered bookers.
This will allow for better tracking of usage by registered bookers in Reporting.

NF05:  Ordering Catering Supplies for Room Bookings

Ordering Supplies.
We have had many requests to allow ordering of supplies for booked meetings. We are happy to announce that this feature has now been added and you will notice a 'supplies' button is now visible in the booking form.

How it works

  • You can only order supplies for an existing booking.
  • To order supplies, simply edit that booking (click on the [E] ) and then click on the 'supplies" button when the edit booking form appears.
  • If a supplies list is available (has been set-up by the meeting room administrator), you will be able to select items from a 'menu' and place an order.
  • Multiple orders can be made for each booking as required. 
  • Each Order has a unique Order ID related to the original Booking ID.

How to set-up a Supplies Menu
To set-up a supplies menu, log-in as administrator and go to the 'Facilities' Tab. In this area you will find a new sub-section tab called 'Manage Supplies". In this section you can build a menu of orderable items and set-up to whom the orders should be emailed to for processing.

To support administrators, we have also included an area in the 'reports' section called 'Supplies' (premium account  subscribers only)

Thank you for your patience while we added and tested this new feature and don't forget that we welcome feedback, so please do not hesitate to send us your comments to

NF04:  Booking Reference ID

Booking reference ID (number) is now automatically added to the 'Notes' field when a booking is made. The booking reference ID was/is included as part of your outgoing booking confirmation email, but it is useful to be able to see it when 'mouse-over' of a booking takes place.

NF03: Booking Interval Setting

By default booking invervals (slots) are in 30 minute segments. For the majority of our users, this is sufficient and simplifies administration and management. Upon a number of repeat requests by potential users we have introduced the facility to change this too 15 minute intervals. You can set the booking interval time by selecting the "My Info" tab then the "System Settings" sub-tab and selecting the option in this page.

NF02: Multiple Building Support

It is now possible to administer meeting rooms across multiple buildings for the one account. First add (set-up) the buildings to which meeting rooms are to be assigned. (Facilities -> Manage Buildings). Then Add Rooms as required and assign them to the required building. The main default home screen will show all rooms in all buildings. You can easily select a different view by selecting to show rooms in one building as required.

NF01: Who is allowed to Book what Room

When adding a new 'Booker' you can select which rooms they are allow booking rights to. By default every new booker has rights to book all available rooms.